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A Sensational Disclosure, or How to Get a Marvelous Blog Ready Within Two Days

Do you think that a process of getting your incredible blog ready is nothing but a time-consuming and even frightening thing? Those people who have nothing do with programming (or coding) might feel like characters of some horror movies. So many weird and unclear terms that can give the willies. Actually, we are just joking. Everything is not so bad as you are probably imagining right now. Especially when you have a step-by-step guide that can sort it all out (our modesty heads all the records today, we know). Enough talking. Let us talk business here and now.

Step 1: Select a Domain Name for Your Future Blog

The first step is the easiest one because you do not need to deal with some confusing stuff here. A domain name for a website that you are browsing this second is templatesstudio.com. Your task is to pick a domain name for your blog that will make it possible to stand out from the crowd. Y

ou just need to focus on topics that you want to write about in your posts. Turn your imagination. Take into consideration your hobbies. Your passion for sports, traveling, classical music, black-and-white movies, and some other things can give a necessary hint. Try to come up with something descriptive that will immediately provide users with a main idea of the blog. If you are into creating a personal blog, it is completely possible to use your name (or its variations).

Once you are completely sure of the name for your blog, pay your attention to such a thing as a domain extension. At this point, you will not have any problems too. We think that the best option is to choose .com but you can also think of using .org, .net, and some others.

Step 2: Choose the Best Web-Hosting

To be completely honest, a web-hosting is not the last aspect that you need to concentrate upon. There are many options that you can choose between. Yet it is crucial to keep in mind that a bad web-host is this very thing that can make your blog be done for.

As an outcome, your visitors will be dissatisfied with a loading speed of the website. In order to forget such words as oops, something went wrong, you need a web-hosting that you can trust in. Our recommendation for you is Inmotion hosting that is also included in the ready-to-use website deal. We are going to mention this offer a few more times today because… Let keep it some kind of secret before getting familiar with other steps.

Step 3: Ready, Set Up Your Blog, and, Go

Now we want to speak about the most exciting part of this guide. When you know what domain name and web-hosting you want to use, it is high time to show your blog to masses. To be more precise, we want you to install WordPress to your domain. Below you can find some statistics on the popularity of different CMS. It is not only for your overall development. They will show you that WordPress is this very platform that is highly valued by lots of people all over the world.

Source: https://trends.builtwith.com/cms/

Source: https://trends.builtwith.com/cms/

We will not be surprised if you say – I already know how my future blog should look like. What do we like about WordPress in terms of design? You can easily change the entire layout in a few clicks with Elementor WordPress themes. Yet sometimes you may lack time or knowledge to build every single element of the website on your own.

In order to make your dream about the most attention-grabbing blog ever come true, you certainly need to take advantage of the ready-to-use template. Fortunately, you can even get some help from an amazing team of professional web-developers. You are able to choose not only WordPress design, but responsive HTML templates too.

How does everything work? First of all, you need to purchase a ready-to-use website offer and wait for a call of the manager. He will get in touch with you within three hours after your little digital acquisition. If it is necessary, he can help you to choose the most suitable solution based on your design and functionality requirements. When all details are discussed, one of the pros will start to work on your online-project. Everything will be ready in seven business days after your order is made. Below you can get familiar with those things that you should provide your manager with.

There are more tiny offers included in this deal:

  • as we have already mentioned, a domain name (1 year) and professional hosting;
  • template installation;
  • SSL certificate;
  • five pages and 10 posts customization;
  • logo and color scheme customization;
  • adding social profile links.

Just imagine skipping the whole step of work and getting the opportunity to spend more time writing your posts. Sounds like a chance that you cannot let go hold of.

Step 4: Make Everyone Read Your Blog

While having talked about previous steps, we mostly mentioned some technical basics. It does not mean that you will get readers thanks only to an eye-catching design. You should take care of your articles too. What is the reason for having a blog with an extremely impressive design if it includes boring and uninspired posts?

An exciting content is this very aspect that will make users fall for your website.

Think about those questions that you will be glad to get answers to. It is likely that your readers want to know the same things as you do. If you make proper research and show your results to others, it is no doubt that readers will adore your posts and decide to share them with their friends. You can also think of including some visuals – images and videos are going to make your articles more exciting and remarkable.

Step 5: Promotion, Promotion, and Once Again Promotion

You probably understand that your blog is not going to get readers by magic. While getting your website ready, at the same time, you should think of ways to make it well-known all over the Internet. There are a few variants that you can implement in your marketing strategy. You can promote your blog by means of:

  • social networks;
  • email marketing;
  • guest posting;
  • forums;
  • leaving comments on other blogs.

Once you complete all of these steps, the only thing that you may need is more and more inspiration to provide loyal readers with intriguing and engaging posts.

Make sure that you have not missed any of the important pieces of information that can help you in getting a popular and recognizable blog.

We hope that one day our team will be proud to say that some people managed to create the hottest blog on the web thanks to this article. Thanks for reading!

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