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Imagine Getting Everything at Once with ONE Web Development Subscription: review, comparison, alternatives

It’s incredible how things have changed in the website design industry. Today’s websites boast stunning layouts built with the help of innovative go-to tools ready to go-out-of-the-box. As a result, they’ve enabled designers and open minds to become increasingly creative. No one couldn’t even predict that it would be possible to get everything at once in one place. Lucky we are that things have changed to the best.

Today there’ s a myriad of places you can shop around to find literally everything to build your own website in no time. There seems no end of the diversity of templates, themes, graphics, plugins, and extensions, you name it, TemplateMonster provides. The trick is to know what you’re looking for. Oh yes, too many choices can be a problem that paralyzes. Picture this: the ONE subscription service opens the door of opportunities. What if I tell you that you can get everything you need in one place for less? Huge, right?

What’s the Gist of The ONE Subscription Service?

Chances are you haven’t heard about the ONE subscription till now, right? It’s safe to say that this case is definitely worth the hype. Why? Let’s learn, not guess.

First, ONE by TemplateMonster is an absolutely new kind of subscription service that offers you to dive into the diverse world of high-quality products for website building. Second, you get access to all those products within only ONE subscription. And finally, the icing on the cake – all those superior-quality products come with 24/7 support. Cha-Ching!

Oodles of First-Class Products

Let’s start from the cream of the crop – products. Have already experienced TemplateMonster flagship themes and best-selling items? Even if not, it’s your chance to give them a try. Monstroid2 WordPress theme, Woostroid2 WooCommerce theme, Magetique Magento theme, StoreFlex OpenCart theme, real-estate website templates and the list goes on. Variety of products abounds, indeed.

Ecommerce themes, HTML templates, and other templates built on popular CMS platforms, such as PrestaShop, Shopify, and Elementor. Well, this is the case when a picture says more than words. Besides, that includes Jet plugins and rich graphics as a part of the ONE subscription service.

The Clear Licensing

No matter whether you’re going to build a website for yourself or for your client, licensing matters. Would it be nice to be able to create new projects without repurchasing the items again and again? Of course, that would be huge. With an Unlimited Yearly license, you’ll get this and much more.

What’s up with that?

Well, think only, you get access to unlimited domains for one year. Once the year is over, your website will continue working and get updates necessary to ensure its robust functionality in perspective. Within the ONE subscription service, you get the freedom to download the products you like as many times as you want to create as many websites as you need. That should be easy, right?

What You Should Know about the ONE Subscription Service by TemplateMonster?

With so many offers to subscribe here and there, there’s so much to consider before deciding which one is the best one to opt for. Okay, but why does the ONE subscription service by TemplateMonster matter? Let’s shed some light on the subject why you should at least try to join the ONE subscription service.

So, what are the benefits for you?

#1 – 24/7 Support to Numb the Pain

When it comes to customer support, it hard to find a company that does a better job that TemplateMonster. All modesty aside, amicable support is the hook that makes you want to join the ONE subscription service. It doesn’t matter how technically inclined you are, all items from the subscription come with 24/7 support. Even if you decided to get your fingers wet in a product that is completely new to you, don’t fret, customer support will numb that pain.

#2 – Extra services to cover up

Templates, themes, plugins, graphics, what else could you ask for, right? But the one thing you may miss is a wide range of extra services the ONE subscription service includes. Everything from server maintenance to SEO improvement, from template installation to speed optimization, ONE by TemplateMonster services will get you covered. Those tiny details that can make the difference in your project. No matter what you want to get rid of – you name it, ONE subscription service does it.

#3 – Regular updates

Face it, without regular updates, your project may become outdated or unusable. If you don’t want your website to be a sitting duck for hackers scouring the Internet for vulnerable projects, fix that problem before it starts. Be about to enjoy only the high-quality products and services that are updated regularly. In today’s fast-paced world, the only way to survive is to stay ahead, so keep on going.

#4 – Safety first

At this point, you know that tons of high-products can mean a whole new ball game for you. Thus, you get access to those items with the opportunity to use them during one year. That’s great, but sometimes things happen and that’s okay. Life isn’t always as straightforward as that so you have 14 days from the purchase date to cancel the ONE subscription service. No matter the reason why you couldn’t download anything from the subscription service, use the opportunity to cancel it.

Lastly, is the ONE Subscription Service a Worthy Cause?

As simple as it sounds, the ONE subscription service is well worth doing. Within ONE by TemplateMonster, your options are surprisingly affordable compared to the alternative of doing nothing. The latter in fact could be very costly. Why purchase every single product when you can get multiple of them within the ONE subscription?

The answer is obvious, right? Anyway, the idea here is simple: there’s no sense in paying more than necessary. When you feel like you’ve tried everything, the thing you’ve likely missed is in the ONE subscription service. You’d be surprised that the site-building process is not all that difficult.

Best WordPress Themes Clubs & Services Subscriptions

The world of WordPress is a fun place, which you can’t get enough of. Today’s web development world is constantly changing and growing, which opens you up to lots of opportunities. Effective and top-notch products, subscription websites, and maintenance services, no matter what you’re looking for, there always be something new you haven’t heard of yet. Today, I’d like to open up the world of WordPress themes and service subscriptions I vouch for.

Main WordPress Products Subscriptions

With all the noise online, it comes to no surprise that WordPress users are spoiled by choice. But one thing that makes most users easy to get stuck is subscription websites. Indeed, dozens of marketplaces, tons of WordPress themes and a huge number of WordPress paid memberships are available out there. No wonder, it’s difficult to make a decision.

Have you ever thought of why users opt for subscription plans? I’ll tell you – to save money in the long run. Think of a subscription plan as an opportunity to grab everything you need in one place. Want to have an entire collection of premium WordPress products at your disposal? Or maybe you want to change your website’s design from time to time and keep it fresh? With WordPress product subscriptions, the door is wide open. It’s time to enter it.

Here’s my list of WordPress paid memberships you can rely on as your project grows. No matter what WordPress subscription package you’ll end up with, one thing is sure you are in good hands.

#1 ONE Web Development Kit Membership

ONE Web Development Kit Membership

Well, ONE subscription service is a nice extra for any developer specialized in designing websites. No matter your niche, ONE works great in all scenarios. Whether it’s plugins, templates, graphic or Elementor themes, ONE has you a lot to offer. Don’t you want to have 8,5K digital items at your disposal? Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want? To get started, join the WordPress club membership.


  • Largest collection of top-notch digital products with new items to be added every month;
  • Affordable pricing plan;
  • Unlimited license;
  • Constant updates;
  • A set of professional options to improve your work;
  • Amicable 24/7 customer support on any issue;
  • One year of free hosting;
  • Unlimited installations.


At the moment, I personally haven’t noticed one. Yet, the only negative effect could be the abundance of options to choose from, which can cause pain. Especially for a beginner.


To enjoy all the advantages of ONE membership, you have to pay just $229 a year or $849 a lifetime. All in all, it’s a huge help & benefit getting access to 8,5K+ digital items available under a commercial license.

What will you get with ONE?

Let’s turn to numbers. And remember that you can enjoy these digital items with an immense number of downloads.

  • 1000+ WordPress themes and 2.300+ eCommerce themes (Magento, Shopify. WooCommerce, OpenCart and VirtueMart);
  • 1,100+ HTML templates and 1,500+ CMS templates like Joomla;
  • 3,000 eye-catching graphic elements like PSD templates, Logo and certificate templates;
  • 40+ extensions and plugins for Elementor and PrestaShop;
  • 1,200 Presentation templates;
  • Galore of free beautiful stock photos;
  • Free 24/7 customer support for all items.

What do bloggers say about ONE?

Look what Darrel Wilson says about ONE membership.

ONE is a new service that offers everything in their entire lot for a small fee.

#2 Elegant Themes

When on the lookout for WordPress paid memberships, Elegant Themes certainly deserves a place on your shortlist. Even though their inventory isn’t huge, the most famous Divi theme is known all over the globe. Looking for a theme that can be used as a base for a multipurpose website? Then Elegant Themes is the solution. Take care of the basic needs of your website and don’t go and buy other products.

Elegant Themes


  • A great value for money – for just $89 you can purchase Divi and Extra, along with 85 other WordPress themes;
  • Limitless usage for all the themes;
  • Automatic updates;
  • Distinctive theme options.


  • No option to pick and choose – everything comes in a single bundle;
  • Elegant Themes aren’t for everyone – being extremely flexible, they offer a lot of creative freedom, which can overwhelm from the start.


You have 2 options: a yearly or lifetime plan. The most popular option is a yearly one. For $89 you’ll get access to all themes & plugins in Elegant Themes inventory. Also, you’ll get theme updates, premium support, and unlimited website usage.

Plan to keep your membership active for more than 3 years? Then you’d better opt for a lifetime license. The lifetime access, which is the best deal, will cost you $249. With this option, you’ll get access to all themes & plugins with one difference. A lifetime guarantee. As such, you’ll get lifetime updates, premium support, and website usage.

What will you get with Elegant Themes?

Access to:

  • all 87 WordPress themes, including Divi, Extra, Bloom & Monarch;
  • five premium WordPress plugins from Elegant Themes;
  • regular updates and forum-based support;
  • shortcodes & page templates;
  • Photoshop files to do extensive design customization;
  • developer license to all the above-mentioned products.

What do bloggers say about Elegant Themes?

“I have long recommended the themes over at Elegant Themes to people who want something better than a freebie theme can offer. One of the reasons I recommend them is because of the price, quite frankly.”

David Risley, a professional blogger at Blog Marketing Academy.

#3 Themify


A Themify membership would be the smartest investment you can make if WordPress themes are your thing. This WordPress club membership offers you to purchase a yearly subscription in return for access to all of its products. Whether you’re a site-building pro or just an amateur, Themify has you a lot to offer. All in all, this time you can skip tricky coding issues and create professional-looking websites faster and easier.


  • A great collection of ready to use, multipurpose WordPress themes;
  • A set of powerful plugins like Post Type Builder and Builder;
  • Tons of customization options;
  • Free mockups (Photoshop);
  • High ratio of customer satisfaction;
  • Caring support.


  • Minor bugs in a Builder tool;
  • There’s a learning curve to use the tools;
  • Customer reviews suggest new WordPress users may find Themify challenging;
  • Some users complained that updates modify previously saved settings.


As a membership-based business, Themify offers three pricing plans, which are considerably lower to other WordPress paid memberships. Thus, for $59 a Single Theme gives you access to one theme’s support and updates for a full year.

As a Master Club member, you have to pay $89 to get access to every single Themify theme. It also gives you access to every theme’s Photoshop files, every Themify plugin, and every builder Addon for a full year. Of course, you can upgrade your Master Club membership to a Lifetime Club option later.

If you opt to become a Lifetime Club member, you have to pay $249 and get nothing but the best. Thus, you get access to all existing as well as released in the future items. It’s the best option to use Themify products for multiple clients for the next couple of years.

What Will You Get with Themify?

Currently, Themify offers:

  • 42+ responsive WordPress themes, including flagship Ultra;
  • 12+ premium plugins + 5 addons for Post Type Builder plugin;
  • 25+ Builder addons;
  • New themes, addons & plugins with one year/lifetime free support and updates.

What do Bloggers Say about Themify?

“I use Themify as a theme to create the websites I build. It’s a very nice theme and it’s pretty easy to use.
The theme has a lot of options, I do have the Master club and might even upgrade to lifetime.
I had an issue with the theme and they gave a fix in about 3 hours.”

Thomas, FitsmallBusiness reviewer.

Other feedback:

“I think Themify is a good option if you’re looking for a very customizable theme. They offer lots of options you can use and have very nice sites as a result.”

Tiffany Domena, business consultant, and the founder of How To Entrepreneur.

#4 MyThemeShop


Looking for fast-loading, responsive, mobile-friendly, and simple WordPress themes? Head on to MyThemeShop. Join one of the largest WordPress paid membership clubs around and get nothing but the best. Enjoy unlimited domain usage and install the purchased item on multiple domains with no limitations. As long as you plan to use more than one theme or plugin from the collection, MyThemeShop is worth its value.


Currently, Themify offers:

  • A number of free themes and plugins available to download;
  • Unlimited lifetime usage for each theme & plugin;
  • Responsive and SEO optimized themes;
  • Competitive pricing;
  • Something for just about everybody;
  • Access to all current themes and plugins, including any future products;
  • Outstanding customer support and affordable price;


Currently, Themify offers:

  • No lifetime access, renew it every year;
  • Some themes and social sharing buttons look mediocre and similar;
  • Annoying themes & plugins downloading.


Single Product Plan is one of the most popular options for single website owners. So, you’ll pay $29-$59 to buy any one theme or plugins for the first year and $19 extra renewal price.

If you’re handling websites on a regular basis, then Extended Membership is your best bet. It’s also a great choice for agencies and developers. Thus, you’ll have to do $87 onetime payment to get access for all the themes and plugins and $19 extra monthly to receive regular updates and support.

You can also join their Free Membership Club and enjoy a collection of free themes and plugins with no limits.

What Will You Get with MyThemeShop?

  • Access to 112 premium WordPress themes and 29 plugins;
  • Photoshop files;
  • Unlimited domain usage for both personal and client projects;
  • One year free support and updates, excluding products installed on client sites;
  • 30 days money-back guarantee;
  • Easy to use themes options panel;
  • One-click demo content import for themes.

What do Bloggers Say About MyThemeShop?

Here are some testimonials from famous Internet Marketers that would be helpful for you.

#5 ThemeFuse


With over 45 pixel-perfect designs in ThemeFuse inventory, your choice won’t be limited. Powered by Fuse framework, every theme is easy to customize and fits a wide array of projects. Don’t fret if you think that some of these themes are relatively simple. That’s the beauty of ThemeFuse, which makes it easy for even inexperienced users to perfectly understand and use them. So, if you’re planning to upgrade your blog or personal website, there is a theme for you.


  • Minimalistic and pixel-perfect WordPress themes;
  • Easy to use and customize;
  • Ability to test a theme before purchasing;
  • Unlimited domains;
  • Caring premium support.


  • Fewer WordPress themes;
  • Pricey all-time access.


As any other subscription website out there, ThemeFuse has a three-tier structure for its plans. Interested in a single theme? Go for the Standard plan. Thus, for $45 you’ll get access to a single theme with support, updates, unlimited domains, and one-click auto-install feature.

The Developer package comes with a bonus theme and support for layered Photoshop files. It will cost you $85.

Yet, to become the Club Member, you need to pay $199 every year to get the renewal process. As a result, you’ll get access to all the themes in ThemeFuse inventory, yet, with expensive yearly charges.

What Will You Get with ThemeFuse?

  • Access to all premium WordPress themes;
  • PSD files;
  • Unlimited website usage;
  • Updates and dedicated support.

What do Bloggers Say about ThemeFuse?

“I’ve been with ThemeFuse as an affiliate for almost 3 years. The WordPress themes they create are highly professional, trendy and full of top features. ThemeFuse is definitely one of the leaders in this industry!”

Viktor Vincej, the founder of webcreate.me

Main WordPress Services/Maintenance Subscriptions Worth Exploring

According to the 2019 WordPress Maintenance Survey, website maintenance and support is still highly profitable service helping to attract clients. Are you going to invest in WordPress site maintenance services? Then here’s the list of subscription packages I vouch for. It’s a must-have and should be at the top of your list.

#1 TemplateMonster Maintenance Services

TemplateMonster WordPress Maintenance

When you think your website is done, it’s time to take care of its performance. You need to keep it backed up, updated and protected. That’s where TemplateMonster’s website maintenance services will come to your aid. Maintenance is a monthly or annual subscription available for anyone who runs any kind of website on WordPress. Just choose the pricing plan and skip all the headaches.


  • Great for everyone who runs or plans to build a site on WordPress or WooCommerce;
  • Works with any themes’ provider on the web;
  • Access to 20+ kinds of support & web maintenance activities;
  • Caring 24/7 support and emergency assistance;
  • Help in choosing the reliable hosting, theme & installation, content modification;
  • Affordable price.


There are two pricing plans: Essential for $389 and Premium $689. Yet, the monthly fee starts from $39. So, whatever your need, choose your plan and let professionals do the job for you. Want to get 2 months of absolutely free site maintenance services? Subscribe for a year and keep your project afloat.

wordpress maintenance pricing

What Will You Get with Maintenance?

  • WordPress Backups
  • WordPress Engine and Plugins Updates
  • Uptime Monitoring;
  • WordPress Security Monitoring;
  • SEO WordPress Support and Basic Setup;
  • Site performance, security, backups, and WordPress updates reports;
  • 10% and 20% Discounts for Customization Services;
  • Weekly Speed Optimization;
  • Free Site Transfer;
  • Hosting with InMotion;
  • 24/7 Life Chat and Ticket Support.

What do People Say about Maintenance?

“The service was above expectations, the installation was smooth and transparent; the service provided by the agents was courteous and really quick. Thanks!”

Marc Waters

#2 WPBuffs


Do you face a serious problem with your WordPress website? WPBuffs promises to fix it. Contact their team of experts and get the finest WordPress maintenance support and maintenance you deserve. Besides, available all around the globe, WPBuffs is a nice extra for your project. To get started you just need to choose your pricing plan. Now, my advice is to read the interview with Joe Howard, the head of WPBuffs and find answers you’re looking for.


  • 24// website edits;
  • Bulletproof security;
  • Speed optimization;
  • 24/7 website monitoring;
  • Weekly updates;
  • Advanced support;
  • Transparent reports.


  • Uncomfortable for users that are only getting started with their websites.


WPBuffs offers three pricing plans – Maintain for $67, Protect for $147, and Perform for $197 monthly. Yet, I have to warn you that Maintain doesn’t include everything you may need to keep your website afloat. And what’s more, hosting comes with an extra fee.

What Will You Get With WPBuffs?

  • White-label program;
  • Access to premium plugins (iThemes Security Pro, WP Smush Pro, and WP Rocket);
  • 24/7 support around the globe;
  • Support for WooCommerce sites;
  • Emergency support for a quick solution;
  • Mobile-tablet optimization;
  • Daily cloud backups;
  • Complete malware removal.

What do People Say about WPBuffs?

“WP Buffs has exceeded my expectations whenever they email me recommendations that could be made to my site after they do a quick audit of it. Whether that’s to improve my image load times or recommended plugins to use, I’ve been really impressed by their services. They do so much more than simply make backup copies of your site and keep things secure. They can recommend additional things to do on your site to speed it up, make it more secure, and keep it in top shape.”

Isaac Oakeson, Founder of Civil Engineering Academy

#3 FixMySite


FixMySite is another on-demand WordPress support and maintenance service I recommend. You can afford it even at $39 in your pocket. Everything from theme customization to fixing any WordPress issue, expect the job done properly. On top of that, FixMySite offers a free website assessment and a no-obligation quote. To get started open a ticket and get the help you’re looking for.


  • different packages for different fixes;
  • assistance in everything you need for a healthy website;
  • 100% money-back guarantee;
  • great use for blogs, small and medium-sized businesses.


  • Users complain about slow response time by the team.
  • Expensive but guarantee satisfactory work


Depending on what kind of WordPress maintenance you want to get, different website subscription plans offer all-around support for your website. Here they are:

  • Website assistant from $39
  • Repair and customization from $49
  • Website migration from $59
  • Speed optimization: $89
  • Malware removal: $99

What Will You Get with FixMySite?

  • Simple Support;
  • Fix Issues and Errors;
  • Theme Customizations;
  • Migration;
  • Speed Optimization;
  • Malware Removal;
  • Site Audit;
  • Installations.

What do People Say about FixMySite?

“Fixmysite.com provide quality, reliable work in a very timely fashion. Communication and patience are great strengths and much appreciated!”

Jacky | Atlantic Online Services

#4 WPCurve


If you’re looking for a premium WordPress site maintenance services, WPCurve is the solution. Just because its support team is available around the globe, the popularity of WPCurve is no surprise. Well, I can safely say that WPCurve is one of the biggest players in the WordPress site maintenance game.


  • Fast response time;
  • 24/7/365 email and chat service for urgent issues;
  • Job-based maintenance;
  • Unlimited small jobs;
  • Priority maintenance (Pro and VIP subscription);
  • a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.


  • Not good for small fixes but great for long-term maintenance;
  • Very cheap plans compared to other WordPress maintenance pakages may raise suspicion.


WBCurve offers lots of packs. The Basic plan starts from $79.99/month and offers you help in increasing website traffic and conversion, loading time and hacker attacks prevention. To get a more proactive maintenance service you’ll have to pay $99.99/month under Professional subscription. To get even more, subscribe to a VIP plan for $199/month.

What Will You Get with WPCurve?

  • Site hacks prevention;
  • Theme maintenance
  • WordPress development;
  • Database management;
  • Website evaluation;
  • Administrative updates;
  • Site speed optimization;
  • SERP positions improvement;
  • Reduce bounce rate;
  • Help only with one off-job (extra $20 for GoDaddy help).

What do Bloggers Say about WPCurve?

Also, Leslie Samuel, from BecomeaBlogger.com says that WPCurve has blown his mind completely.

#5 WP Site Care

WP Site Care

The list of WordPress maintenance package features WP Site Care offers is quite long. The best thing is that it fits businesses of all sizes. So, no matter how big is your business, WP Site Care claims to help you with a full-fledged WordPress support and maintenance. Have an issue? Let WP Site Care be your help desk to call.


  • Provides Cloud Backups;
  • 24/7 Security;
  • Website Speed Optimization;
  • Monthly Uptime Monitoring;
  • Removal of Downtime issues;
  • Securely update WordPress content.


  • Expensive service that doesn’t fit small fixes but great for long-term maintenance.


For the Starter plan, you’ll have to pay $79/month. Thus, you’ll get daily cloud backups, managed core updates, plugin & theme updates, 24/7 security monitoring & hack cleanups and real-time activity tracking.

Yet, to make your website more efficient and secured, I recommend opting for the WP Site Care Pro plan. With the Pro plan, you’ll get all the starters’ benefits including hourly cloud backups, two development hours per month, eCommerce support, cloud proxy firewall, and uptime monitoring. And that’s all for $299/month.

What Will You Get with WP Site Care?

  • Regular & timely cloud backups;
  • WordPress core, plugins & theme updates;
  • 24/7 Security monitoring and clean-ups;
  • Real-time activity tracking;
  • Uptime monitoring;
  • Priority support;
  • Walkie talkie;
  • Manuals and WordPress tutorials.

What do People Say about WP Site Care?

‘WP Site Care went above and beyond any expectations I had. They’re incredibly easy to work with, respond in a timely manner, and really take care of their customers!’

Courtney Horan, from SweetToothSweetLife.com

Sum Up

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Have you used any of the support services in my list? Do your research and find a plan that fits your needs best.

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