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Good and Bad PowerPoint Examples

While creating your presentation, it is very important to know what kind of presentations attract more attention and will be informative and easy to be perceived by the audience. This is why we present this article to you.

You will find out which PowerPoint presentations are good and which are bad. In addition, you will come to know useful tips about making your slides and the presentation process better.

Sometimes, your career may rely on the presentation you create. This is why it is important to know how to construct a PowerPoint presentation and how to fill it with content correctly. We are here to help you. Remember to keep your presentation as simple as possible. So, what should we start with?

Let’s start with bullets

In order to make your presentation easy to be received, you should follow these steps:

  • Bullets must be uniform in order to make information easy for the visual perception, which is important. People will think about the information in bullets as a well-structured, whole piece of data.
  • Bullets must not be distracting. Think about the attention of the customers. Your audience must think about the information you deliver, but not about the reasons why there are so many different bullets.
  • Bullets must be lined up nicely. This will be aesthetically pleasing and allow the audience to receive your information faster.
  • Line the bullets up on the left side of the screen. We write from left to right and it is easier for us to read from left to right. You should follow this rule because it is more comfortable for your audience.

You must avoid bullets that

  • Have too much information. It may be hard to read huge text and follow your speech simultaneously. Remember to highlight the most important information with slides. You do not need to write or present your whole presentation in slides. Keep it simple.
  • Change all the time. It may distract audience. In addition, it looks bad.
  • Do not line bullets up on the right side of the screen unless you create presentations in the Hebrew or Arabic language. For these languages, it works fine.

You must choose a proper background. It is important because a background that is hard for visual perception or a background that is distracting for customers and does not match the theme will harm your presentation. That means less attention from the audience towards the presentation topic.

The background must not be

  • Too busy in order to prevent distraction.
  • Totally different for each slide, which will lead to distraction and aesthetic discomfort for the audience.
  • Contain elements that distract the audience from your presentation theme. Pictures of your favorite actor, a random kid or George Washington’s portrait are bad choices for your financial presentation if they are not directly related to your presentation.
  • Hard to read. If your background or parts of your background have the same or a similar color with your text, you better change it.
  • Contain few elements totally incompatible with each other. It will distract your audience and you have to avoid it.

Good background

  • Is visually appealing. It must be eye-catchy and aesthetic.
  • Match the theme of your PowerPoint presentation, which helps you to deliver information with visual elements, avoiding distraction.
  • Does not cover the text and has color that differs from the text color.

Try to create your presentation with contrast and colors that are not

  • Clashing with each other. Your text and visual elements must be in aesthetic harmony to avoid distraction and to make it easy for people to perceive the information.
  • Changing mid-sentence. It does not look good, but if you are a talented designer, you can try it out.
  • Similar or same as the background. When your text or images merge with the background, it automatically lowers the quality of your presentation. If it is hard to read text or has different visual elements, the audience will not be able to perceive both your speech and slides.

Contrast and colors have to be

  • Complimentary.
  • Font color has to be distinctive from the background in order to make it easy to read and perceive.
  • Try to remember the rule: light font must be on dark background and dark font must be on light background.

Graphics, visual elements and pictures are a valuable addition for your presentation. However, it is easy to mess up everything if you use it in a wrong way.

Here are some rules you should follow

  • Never use inappropriate images in order to avoid uncomfortable situations.
  • Using distracting graphics may steal your audience’s attention or lead their thoughts in wrong directions. Part of the information you want to deliver will not be perceived by the audience.
  • Do not use visual elements that have nothing to do with the theme of the presentation.

Good graphics will always be

  • Complimentary to your presentation theme. Images or pictures must be related to what you are talking about. If someone asks why you are using a graphic, do not use it.
  • Not very often used.
  • Related to the presentation theme.

As a tip, we recommend you use only high quality graphical content. As visual elements, images with bad quality will definitely ruin the impression from your presentation. However, you can use pictures with bad quality if the presentation purpose requires it. For example, if you are talking about yeti. Yeti never let anyone make high-quality photos.

Use three or four basic colors for your presentation. Too many colors may distract the audience, which means your presentation will cause irritation instead of interest, and that is not good.You may wonder how to make your schemes and diagrams beautiful: cut all redundant elements. Do not forget to keep it simple and you will definitely do it right.

When it comes to tables and columns, you should use the rule of four. According to this rule, you should not use columns that contain more than four items. And do not use tables that contain huge amounts of information.

When you follow the rule of four, your columns are easy to perceive and your tables contain an optimal amount of information.

When it comes to fonts, you must remember to use common sense and everything will be fine.

We recommend you avoid fonts that are

  • Distracting.
  • Done in all capitals.
  • Change size randomly.

And try to use fonts that are

  • Similar in size.
  • Easy to read.
  • Do not distract the audience from the presentation theme.

In conclusion, we want to remind you that the presentation is an important part of information delivery. Some people often forget about the simplest rules: colors, outlines, shades, frameworks and so on. But do not worry, just remember to follow our tips and keep it simple. That is all you need. If you are about to perform a presentation, you need a good PowerPoint theme. On, there are numerous best PowerPoint themes for presentations that you will definitely like.

If you want to share some complex ideas with a group of people, you need PowerPoint slides to rely upon. Oftentimes, it’s the quality of your visual material that determines the success of your speech. To deliver a powerful presentation, you can begin your preparation long beforehand. If this doesn’t sound like an attractive option for you, you can create a top presentation in a day using a PowerPoint template.

What’s it?

A PPT template consists of a bulk of premade slides that serve various purposes. Depending on the purpose of the upcoming public speaking, you can find templates to present companies, projects or business plans.

Each template is delivered to you as a .ppt file. You just select the slides you prefer, delete others. Then, add your text and some imagery. After this, your presentation is bound to look gorgeous and effectively drive your message home.

Your Benefits

With a PPT theme, your presentation looks like a professional, visually accomplished piece. It has stronger engagement potential. Moreover:

  • The bеst PPT themes come with more than 100 ready-made designs. These designs include modern types of slides that incorporate animated elements.

  • Each modern PPT template includes infographics that have gradually replaced the less engaging graphs and charts.

  • Moreover, the latest PPT templates incarnate the latest presentation trends. They employ embedded fonts, motion graphics, custom illustration, dynamic layouts and more.

  • Modern presentation designs come in large-screen-friendly 1920×1080 px resolution. It’s Full HD.

  • What’s more, the top-notch PPT templates are fully customizable. You can take full control over the colors, shapes and text you use.

Finding your best PPT template is not the simplest task. Here, I’ve got some advice for you:

Factors To Consider

  • You should look for the PPT theme with 16:9 aspect ratio. This is the ratio that best meets the specifics of large screens.

  • Pay careful attention to the color options provided. Oftentimes, fully “manually” recoloring the template is a pain. Instead, you can choose a PPT theme with a range of premade color schemes and simply choose the one that matches best each of your projects.

  • You should also do some research on the template provider. Go for well-reputed providers with years-proven reputation.

  • If you find a theme that has a collection of icons on board, go for it! Icons help you better structure material visually and grip attention.

These are all the tips for today. Now, you can review 10 well-liked PowerPoint themes of 2019.

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