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Best Themes of 2018: Monstroid2, Divi and Avada Compared

Best themes of 2018 bring you a lot: comfortable WYSIWYG editing, tremendous UI sets, surpassing functionality and inimitable designs. The question is: ‘How do you determine, which one of them is the best for you?’


  1. Introduction
  2. Meeting the Templates
  3. Monstroid, Divi and Avada Comparison
  4. Wrapping Up

To answer this question, you’ve got to go down to details and thoroughly inspect the experience that each of them offers. Fortunately, we’ve done this job for you and bring you a comprehensive Monstroid2 vs Avada vs Divi comparison in this post.

Meeting the Templates

Before we get down to comparing the epic templates of 2018, let us briefly introduce them. Some background will help you understand who produced the templates, when they were released and who the teams behind them are.


Monstroid2 is a best-selling flagship template by ZemezJet team. Released, back in January 2017, it enjoys its first major update this August. Now, one of WordPress themes with WooCommerce brings you Elementor editing experience and even more useful features.


Divi is an ElegantThemes masterpiece that provides you real-time template customization. Divi 3 was first released back in September 2016 and enjoyed an update to Divi 3.1 this April.


Avada theme was released by ThemeFusion team 6 years ago. Since then, it was regularly updated and accumulated a huge collection of custom niche skins.

Monstroid, Divi and Avada Comparison

1st Round: WYSIWYG Editing

In 2018, visual editing is a dream-come-true and best templates of 2018 prove this delivering you comprehensive drag-n-drop editing and versatile content blocks. Let’s see, which of the three themes delivers you the simplest and the richest visual editing experience out there.

Monstroid2 Elementor Builder

After the recent update, Monstroid2 now works with Elementor builder. This builder is currently the most popular and accomplished visual builder for WordPress. It offers you an ultra-clean, distraction-free interface, which turns creating new pages and blocks into a streamlined experience.

What’s more, Monstroid 2 has many additional features, which enrich your Elementor experience. You’ll learn about them in the next sections of this article.

Divi Builder

The team behind Divi offers you a custom Divi Builder, which lets you edit the content and layouts of your site in real time. This fast builder is not as flexible and extendable as Elementor. However, it still brings you a streamlined and robust visual editing experience, underpinned by 22 ready-made layouts and a layout builder.

Avada Builder

When it comes to Avada, you get Fusion Builder on board. Least popular and convenient, this editor brings you a kind of obsolete visual editing experience. With the Fusion editor, you can’t preview the contents of your website. You just see the block grid of every website page without content and formatting, and can drag-n-drop elements around.

2nd Round: Skins and Templates

In case of Monstroid, you get a theme with a robust modular structure. Each element of such a theme is referred to as a template. So, Monstroid2 templates are comprised of different blocks, layout presets, ready-made skins, etc.

To cut the long story short, Monstroid2 brings you over 20 templates for different niches. What makes these templates superior to skins, is the fact that the templates are interchangeable. For example, with Monstroid2, you can take the Home Page from one skin and pick other pages/blocks from other skins with ease.

What’s more, new Monstroid2 templates are created on monthly basis. Each month, you get a batch of new elements and skins you can use for your website.

Monstroid2 Templates

Divi and Avada both utilize traditional skins. Divi offers you 7 skins that you can switch. In this case, you always end up using just one skin and cannot combine them. Still, 7 functional skins is a nice pack for starters, but not as much as you would expect from one of the best flagship themes.

Divi Skins

Avada compensates for a weaker visual builder with a thick collection of over 30 skins. Among them, you’ll find the designs built over the 6 years period of Avada template existence. So, you’ve got to have an eye for modern designs there. And again, you can’t combine Avada skins the way you can combine Monstroid2 templates.

3rd Round: Blocks

In terms of blocks, Monstroid2 smashes the other leading themes with a number of ready-to-use blocks. With Monstroid2, you get 500+ ready-made custom blocks that you can use to power literally every section imaginable on a website. A number of skins are integrated with pre-built plugins, yielding your users a richer experience on your website.

Monstroid2 Blocks

Divi harbors 37 prebuilt blocks that let you power rich UI of your site. These blocks account for creating basic elements of your website, but don’t bring you the ready-made section presets. You can create design presets on your own and save them for the future usage.

Divi Blocks

Avada offers over 50 pre-made content blocks. Unfortunately, these blocks are added to the template with the help of hard-to-understand shortcodes. Although adding shortcodes with a magic button may seem simple, you won’t be able to make small edits once Fusion Builder comes up with a shortcode for you.

Avada Blocks

4th Round: Prebuilt Plugins

It’s no surprise that flagship templates are the best in part thanks to additional plugins they offer. Monstroid2 brings you a rich collection of Jet Plugins. These plugins are fully compatible with Elementor and come with pre-designed sections within the builder.

With the help of Jet plugins, you can create MegaMenus, manage your site’s header and footer, introduce visual effects and dynamic content, create Blog layouts and WooCommerce product pages. If you want to learn more about Jet Plugins, drop by Elementor Marketplace.

By the way, Elementor builder and WooCommerce are also included to your Monstroid2 package by default.

Monstroid2 Plugins

Divi is the template with no prebuilt plugins (except for Divi Builder). How come? If you check Divi pricing below, you’ll see that the Divi’s yearly subscription gives you access to 10+ plugins available in Elegant Themes market free.

Avada has a handful of plugins on board to provide for vital functionality. The four plugins you get free are Fusion Builder, Fusion Core, Revolution Slider and Layer Slider.

5th Round: Weight and Speed

Despite all the functionality that top themes include, they manage to stay light and fast-performing. In this regard, Monstroid2 delivers you the fastest performance with A93 Google Speed rate and 1.2s loading time. Moreover, Monstroid2 has the leanest CSS file of 250kb. To compare, Divi CSS file weighs 415kb, and Avada’s one is 388kb.

Monstroid2 Speed

6th Round: Pricing

Price is not the least important consideration when you make your final decision. To use Monstroid2 on one website, you pay $75 once and get lifetime support and updates.

Divi is a subscription-based template, for which you pay $89 per year. With Divi, you also get access to all the themes and plugins available at ElegantThemes. Alternatively, you can get a lifetime Divi access for $249.

Finally, Avada is the cheapest option. For $60, you get the template and 6-month support.

Wrapping Up

For desserts, we present you an infographics, comparing the assets of Monstroid2, Avada and Divi in detail.

Monstroid2 Divi Avada Infographic

It appears that, with the recent update, Monstroid2 is the strongest template in 2018 template market. It works with Elementor builder and brings you the most accomplished UI and UX sets.

Have you ever used one of these themes for building a website? Share your experience in the Comments section below. Stay tuned!

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